Republican News · Thursday 20 January 2000

[An Phoblacht]

Blatant RIR bigots

The sectarian nature of the Royal Irish Regiment has again been exposed by the West Belfast-based newspaper the Andersonstown News.

Last Thursday, the paper printed this photograph of up to 70 RIR members posing with an Orange banner from Drumcree with the now infamous slogan ``Drumcree: Here we stand, We can do no other, For Religious and Civil Liberty''.

The RIR, then known as the Ulster Defence Regiment, was formed in 1970 after the RUC B Specials were disbanded in 1969.

The majority of recruits were B Specials whose anti-Catholic bigotry was legendary and since its formation numerous members of the UDR\RIR have been exposed as having dual membership with loyalist death squads.

Garvaghy Road residents' spokesperson Breandán Mac Cionnaith is now calling for the RIR to be disbanded.

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