Republican News · Thursday 18 January 2001

[An Phoblacht]

Government accused of standing idly by in Mayo

Mayo Sinn Féin's Vincent Wood has said the Task Force set up to deliver jobs to the north of the county seems like a cover for inaction by the 26-County government. Wood was speaking at a meeting of Sinn Féin's Connaught/Ulster officer board.

``The loss of up to 300 jobs from Mayo - 220 of them from Ballina - in the past week is nothing less than a disaster for the county. These jobs losses and the failure to invest in real long-term sustainable development in the region illustrate that this government pays lip service to Western development.

``The downturn in the US economy will undoubtedly impact here and it is more important than ever that there is substantial investment in the West of Ireland in general and Mayo in particular now, while there is a budget surplus. If government TDs and local representatives lack influence in Dublin - as they clearly do - then those of us in opposition political parties should join with statutory and non statutory groups, local communities and others to create an effective lobby.''

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