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It's simple, Tony

Uphold the Agreement you signed

The arrival of British Prime Minister Tony Blair for yet another round of talks has left not only Sinn Féin's Gerry Kelly but also most of Belfast's television and news journalists unimpressed. more

Ballynahinch: A sectarian time bomb

A catalogue of sectarian attacks that have occurred recently in Ballynahinch is to be presented to the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin.

Concerns mount about Bloody Sunday Inquiry

Many people are approaching the 29th anniversary of Bloody Sunday with mixed emotions.

Lawlor - good decision, bad law

It is easy to be flippant about the jailing of Liam Lawlor, who begins the first phase of a possible three-month prison sentence this week, writes ROBBIE MacGABHANN.

Refuse charges foisted on Dubliners

Three Labour Party members of Dublin City Council have ensured that residents in the capital now face refuse charges.

Celtic League raises crash flight questions

The Celtic League has re-iterated its concerns to the Dublin government about the re-opened investigation into an airliner crash over the Irish sea 30 years ago.

Mandelson unconcerned for human rights

Sinn Féin Assembly member Pat McNamee has accused Peter Mandelson of high handedness on human rights issues.

BNP picket for Adair

British fascists staged a demonstration in support of jailed loyalist Johnny Adair outside Downing Street on Sunday 14 January.

Cassidy's Fermanagh First

The election of the chair of Fermanagh Council is being seen as a further boost to Sinn Féin's electoral potential in the area.

Clonard honours deceased former POWs

The Greater Clonard former POWs group has embarked on an ambitious plan to honour all deceased republican ex-prisoners

Morgan launches High Court challenge

An improper Louth County Council decision to allow the constuction of an incinerator is to be challenged in court.

Cork man missing

Cork man Thomas Linehan has been missing since 3 January.

Serious questions for courier industry

A case currently being processed by the Scope section of the 26-County Department of Social Welfare has exposed major problems in the courier industry.

Job losses - economic blip or bust?

ROBBIE MacGABHANN looks at the impact of losing five hundred jobs from the 26-County economy in one day.

Organising for struggle

An Phoblacht's ROISIN DE ROSA heard Jim McVeigh's experience of the prison struggle.

Larne nationalists still under siege

Catholic families living in Larne are too afraid to sleep at night.

Freedom's Wall

In recent months Free Derry Wall, not for the first time, has been the cause of some controversy in the city.

Pay farmers to grit roads

West Tyrone Sinn Féin Assembly member Barry McElduff has proposed an innovative road gritting scheme for farmers.

Government accused of standing idly by in Mayo

Mayo Sinn Féin's Vincent Wood has said the Task Force set up to deliver jobs to the north of the county seems like a cover for inaction.

Unionists diluting impact of milk quotas

Sinn Féin Agriculture spokesperson has criticised unionist members of an Assembly committee for ignoring the financial crisis facing small farmers.

1916 cover-up

Historical facts have again emerges from the vaults of the British and Dublin governments' respective Public Records Offices.

All Ireland discussions on economy

Another small step towards the creation of an all-Ireland economy was taken this week with the first meeting between Leinster House and Northern Assembly Committees.

What young people really really want

A survey has revealed that Sinn Féin now enjoys the support of 24 per cent of second level students in the 26 Counties.

Perverse diversity at the Odyssey

Nationalists attending a `cultural diversity' show in Belfast's Odyssey Arena on Sunday 14 January, expressed disgust at the presence of the RUC band.

Sean Sabhat Commemoration

Over 300 people attended the Sean Sabhat Commemoration in Limerick City on Sunday, 7 January.

Ahern aggravates teachers' dispute

Sinn Féin TD Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin has accused Taoiseach Bertie Ahern of deepening the teachers' dispute.

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