[An Phoblacht]


Sinn Féin blasts
Fusco extradition bid

Ferris calls on Dublin to rescind all
outstanding extradition warrants

gelo Fusco, who spent years fighting against being returned from the 26 Counties to prison in the North, this week again faces the prospect of extradition. more

`Unprecedented Opportunity' - IRA

The IRA has emphasised that this new century offers an ``unprecedented opportunity to leave behind the failures of the past''.

Fears of detention centres for refugees

A refugee voucher scheme has been described as ``discriminatory, unconstitutional and demeaning''.

Demilitarisation? What demilitarisation?

The British security establishment used the Christmas and New Year period to step up their campaign of harassment against nationalists.

Bloody Sunday report launched

A report commissioned by the Bloody Sunday Trust was released to the public by Bishop Edward Daly on Wednesday.

Emblems must promote mutual respect

Sinn Féin is seeking an urgent meeting to discuss the flying of the Union Jack flag at Down council offices over the Christmas period.

Hawkes Bay must meet obligations

The Dublin government has been urged to ensure that Ardee's Hawke's Bay firm meets its obligations to the 300 employees.

Basque trade unionists visit Ireland

A progressive trade union from the Basque contry sets an example for Ireland.

De Brún pledges funds for flu crisis

Six-County Health minister Bairbre de Brún has vowed to find the resources to deal with the worst flu epidemic to hit the north in years.

Urgent action needed for border region

Sinn Féin TD Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin has said that urgent government action is needed to reverse the neglect of the border region.

The killing of John Francis Green

Laura Friel recalls the killing of an IRA leader despite a ceasefire 25 years ago.

Victory in survival

Liam O Duibhir recalls his time in prison, particularly in Britain, where republican prisoners bore the brunt of right-wing opposition to the Irish peace process.

Scotland's neglected Irish community

Mick Derrig reports on a country with a long history of support for the Irish republican war effort.

South Armagh community gets cross-border support

The campaign for an end to British militarisationcame to Monaghan County Council on Tuesday.

Unionists block St Patrick's Day Carnival

A decision to refuse funding to the St Patrick's Day Carnival Committee has been described as ``a step back to the dark days of unionist misrule and domination''.

High Court disarray over Queen's oath

A judicial review cannot be heard by Belfast's High Court judges because they have already formed a view on the matter to be brought before them.

`No' unionists behind school protests

Sinn Féin has accused anti-Agreement unionists of using and abusing schoolchildren for their own narrow political agenda.

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