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Implement the Agreement
We're sick of British rule and Unionist vetos

Sinn Féin delegates will gather in conference this weekend in a mood of deep frustration and anger at the latest developments in the Peace Process. more

O'Neill inquest disgrace

The jury at the inquest in the shooting of Diarmuid O'Neill returned a verdict of lawful killing on Friday.

MoD destroys Bloody Sunday rifles

The credibility of the Saville inquiry into the events of Bloody Sunday was further undermined last week.

Finucane campaign continues

A 30-page document outlining the case for a public inquiry is to be presented to the Dublin government this week.

Dublin Bus strike averted

Dublin Bus management took commuters and drivers to the brink this week.

RUC raids on Dungannon republicans

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, the RUC and the British Army launched a joint attack on republican houses in the Dungannon area.

British snub Parades Commission review

The radical review of the Parades Commission ordered by Mo Mowlam last October has been rubbished by her successor, Peter Mandelson.

Gildernew calls for border road opening

The British government has been called upon to reopen the only two cross-border roads that remain closed along the Monaghan-Tyrone border.

Paddy's Day hypocrisy

While blocking funding for its own city's festivities, Belfast City Council has decided to send its unionist mayor to Washington DC to celebrate St Patrick's Day.

The Planning Bill - Restricting citizens' rights

Friends of the Irish Environment hosted a press conference earlier this month to protest the Planning Bill.

Pregnant woman refused bail

The judiciary in the Six Counties has been slammed after a bail application by a pregnant woman was refused.

Voices raised against racism

A recent leaflet dispersed around Dublin by the Immigration Control Platform (ICP) espouses racism.

The case against the British nuclear industry

Last week's admittance by British Nuclear Fuels Ltd (BNFL) that it had falsified quality control records came as a shock to the Irish public.

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