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Unionist veto
may destroy Agreement

The Good Friday Agreement is under the greatest threat to its existence so far, as unionist attempts to bring it down appear to face no opposition from the British government. more

British occupy more flats

The British Army is busy occupying the eleventh floor of a residential flats complex in North Belfast.

Election victory in Antrim

The result of the Antrim North-West by-election last week was an electoral triumph for Sinn Féin.

Paddy's Day court bid

The St Patrick's Day Carnival Committee is to take Belfast City Council to court over its refusal to fund this year's St Patrick's Day parade in the city.

Fusco denied bail

Sinn Féin's Martin Ferris has said that republicans and nationalists will be disappointed at the continuing refusal to grant Angelo Fusco bail.

Sectarian attack in Larne

``These people came out to murder,'' said Philip Murphy as he described an arson attack on his house in Ballytober Road, Larne.

RUC assault couple at gunpoint

A North Belfast couple told An Phoblacht they feared for their lives when the RUC rammed their car and dragged them out of the vehicle at gunpoint.

Sinn Féin calls on CIRA to disband

Sinn Féin's Martin McGuinness unequivocally condemned Sunday's attack by the self-styled Continuity IRA and called on them to disband.

RUC assault officers face jail

Three RUC officers and a British soldier may be jailed after being convicted of a number of charges.

DUP low blow on hospital decision

DUP Assembly member Iris Robinson has refused to withdraw sectarian comments over a decision to site regional maternity services at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast.

Assembly Hails Glorious St Patrick

As the imminent threat of suspension hung over the chamber, the Belfast Assembly went for none other than St Patrick himself.

No civic welcome for refugees

A Sinn Féin Councillor has suggested an official welcome ceremony for the refugees who have been dispersed in Clonakilty.

Sinn Féin protest evictions

Sinn Féin picketed the headquarters of the Halifax Building Society on Wednesday, 2 February.

Loyalists egg on Sinn Féin

Sinn Fein has called for politicians to unite to save the North's fishing communities.

Partnership failures outweigh benefits

The final elements of the new partnership agreement were settled this week.

Vodafone merger has ramifications for Ireland

Europe's largest telecommunications company took its first steps this week after the long expected merger between British company Vodafone and the German communications company Mannesmann.

Waste wars continue

Louth County Counci is still threatening to bring in charges of 110 per annum for waste collection.

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