Republican News · Thursday 03 February 2000

[An Phoblacht]

Trimble to blame

A Chairde,

Premature Nobel Peace Prize recipient David Trimble has once again proven to the world that he possesses neither the resolve nor the anatomical accessories demanded to forge for the Six Counties its inevitably democratic and peaceful future within the negotiated terms of the Good Friday Agreement.

The British government continue in glaring default of an accord of their own design. Well over 100,000 registered weapons remain in the possession of civilian unionists. The hands of yet armed loyalist paramilitaries persist in bearing the bloodstains of new victims, while the British Army and the RUC continue to literally get away with murder. Yet the IRA, now entering the fifth year of cease-fire and remaining honourably committed to permanent peace, is irrationally singled out?

With or without manufactured exclusionary tactics, truth will prevail. Democracy will prevail. Power sharing will prevail. Peace, justice and the will of the Irish voting majority will indeed prevail.

Máire A. Kelly
Corpus Christi,

Back issues

A Chairde,

When the peace process began in 1994, in order to get news without slants or propoganda, I began saving my copy of An Phoblacht, week by week. The result is I have collected a lot of copies and I am asking if any of your readers want them for archive or for research. They are in good condition and are mostly in date order.

Ellen Hanna,
County Wicklow.
(Full address with editor)

Provocation in South Armagh

A Chairde,

The major British military operation carried out in South Armagh on Tuesday, 1 February, was provocative at this sensitive time

Three British helicopters landed in a field on the Kelly Road near Killeen on the Louth border at about 12 noon and dropped up to 50 British soldiers in the area.

They badly frightened livestock and an elderly farmer who complained was verbally abused.

Other helicopters circled the nearby Killeen school before dropping their load of British soldiers, who surrounded the school when they landed.

At 2pm, other helicopters landed and lifted the British troops who were left in the area.

As all the pressure is being put on the IRA to decommission, what of the forgotten part of the Good Friday Agreement, under which the British government is obliged to publish a schedule for demilitarisation?

John Brennan,
South Armagh

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