Republican News · Thursday 03 February 2000

[An Phoblacht]

With patience and perseverance, I believe all aspects of the Good Friday Agreement will be achieved. Let each of us give the other the space that is needed to make a better job of our future than we have of our past.

Gerry Adams speaking in Newry last Thursday night

News that the Central Bank learned of the murky activities of the infamous Ansbacher accounts as far back as 1976 re-focuses the spotlight on how the financial watchdog failed to crack down on fraud... With the public increasingly cynical over the activities of the banks and politicians, the link between Deputy Foley and Ansbacher justifies widening the scope of the Tribunal to include any public figure who falls within its net.

Editorial in last Friday's Examiner

The British government were committed to produce a demilitarisation package - that is one year late. The British government have very clearly defaulted in this particular aspect of their obligations.

Alex Maskey on the failure of the British state to decommission

I am angry still, even after all these years, about what was done to innocent defenceless people... but there is a sense of pride, a pride at what we, the victims as well as the whole city has achieved... A word of warning to the British government - we are not interested in a public relations exercise. We will not settle for Widgery Mark Two.

Alana Burke, wounded on Bloody Sunday, speaking at last Sunday's commemoration in Derry

They have become the Oliver Twists of the process. Every time we reach a situation like this, the hand comes out, `please sir we want some more.

Ulster Unionist MP Jeffrey Donaldson on Sinn Féin

No one has made any claim that Mr Gracey is on the hill 24 hours a day, although he's always there during the daytime and evenings. There are times and situations that he leaves the hill - for example to have meetings with the Prime Minister and other individuals. In fact, he was at dinner with me on Friday night.

Portadown District Master David Jones, defending Drumcree defender Harold Gracey, who pledged to stay at Drumcree until Orangemen get down the Garvaghy Road, but has been spotted everywhere else but Drumcree

Once again, the British judicial system has connived in the protection of members of its ground forces from the consequences of their criminal actions. Nationalists will not be surprised by this ruling.

Gerry Adams, after Paratrooper Lee Clegg was cleared of all charges relating to the 1993 killing of two Belfast teenagers, the Irish News, Tuesday 1 February

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