Republican News · Thursday 21 December 2000

[An Phoblacht]

Orangemen at Drumcree hill

Portadown Orange broke with `tradition' and organised a carol service rather than a parade or rally to mark their 900th day of siege against the nationalist Garvaghy Road community.

``A political parade and rally to Drumcree Church a few days before Christmas was considered inappropriate,'' said district Orange Order press officer David Jones. A carol service was ``more in keeping with the festive season,'' he said.

But such seasonal sentiments did not appear to extend to ``goodwill to all men'' or women if they opposed Orange marches along the Garvaghy Road. Jones confirmed that Orange protests were set to continue despite recent talks with Drumcree mediator, South African lawyer Brian Currin.

``We have done all we can to break the Drumcree deadlock,'' said David Jones, ``but the Garvaghy Road residents are still proving to be the stumbling block to finding a resolution to the current impasse.''

Unionist councillor outraged by Irish sign

Irish welcome outraged Belfast unionist Jim Rodgers after language campaigners added ``Fáilte go Beal Feirste'' to a Belfast City sign. The activists arrived early on Saturday morning, complete with DRD style yellow coats and a ready made stencil, to add their greeting to the sign on the Westlink on the way into Belfast City Centre.

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