Republican News · Thursday 14 December 2000

[An Phoblacht]

RUC `customer satisfaction' survey angers nationalists

Sinn Féin councillor Marie Moore has told the RUC to ``wise up'' after being contacted by Turf Lodge residents incensed at receiving an `RUC Customer Satisfaction Survey' in the post.

``A number of local people received these surveys in the post and they are furious, said Moore. ``The people I have spoken to have been on the receiving end of RUC harassment and brutality over the years and don't believe the RUC can deliver a proper policing service.

``If the RUC thinks that a `Customer Satisfaction Survey' will make them legitimate in the eyes of the nationalist community, then they should wise up. The majority of nationalists think the RUC should be disbanded.''

The survey, which was posted to addresses throughout Belfast in the last week of November, was targeted at people who had contact with the RUC in the last couple of months. People who were involved in traffic accidents, had their cars stolen, or whose houses were broken into were among those `surveyed'.

``The truth of the matter is'', said Moore, ``that nationalists just don't want to have anything to do with the RUC. These so-called surveys are an intrusion because the RUC will never be seen as a legitimate police service and no amount of questionnaires will change that.''

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