Republican News · Thursday 07 December 2000

[An Phoblacht]

US experts may examine bomb debris

Author Don Mullan revealed on Tuesday 5 December that a number of US bomb experts were willing to travel to Ireland and reexamine forensic evidence left over from the 1974 Dublin bombings.

Mullan was speaking in the Linenhall Library at the northern launch of his book, The Dublin and Monaghan Bombings, which was sponsored by the Belfast-based Relatives for Justice group.

Mullan made his revelation while detailing the failure of the Garda investigation into what is the highest single loss of life in any one day of the conflict.

According to the Dublin based writer, there are suspicions that forensic evidence gathered after the explosions and which was sent north in the custody of a British military intelligence officer - subsequently linked to the bombings - may have been tampered with.

Mullan says that given the questions hanging over the bombings and the suspicions that British Military Intelligence operatives provided the expertise for the bombs, then a new assessment made by independent experts may give some hope to the families in their search for the truth.

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