Republican News · Thursday 10 August 2000

[An Phoblacht]

Wexford Sinn Féin hits cyberspace

Sinn Féin in Wexford has been coming on in leaps an dbounds in recent years, and now New Ross Sinn Féin has stolen a march on cumainn throughout the country by setting up its own Web site.

It's a source of information about the local Sinn Féin organisation, with links to Sinn Fein nationally. The site also deals with local issues like housing, the lack of employment, factory closures and waste management, which has been of particular interest in Wexford, where the County Council rejected the proposed regional plan for an incinerator at Campile.

The site is also a local activist's dream, with links to a host of interesting and relevant sites.

The site, which attracted 400 visitors in its first month, features excellent graphics and animation to suit the day that's in it. Its designer says this is only the beginning.

As the media keep telling everyone, Sinn Fein is an upwardly mobile party that's going places with youth, and New Ross is most definitely on the map, somewhere in cyberspace.

Check it out at

You can even e-mail your comments, at the click of a button.

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