Republican News · Thursday 03 August 2000

[An Phoblacht]

``We don't want their blood money; we want justice''.

At a press conference in the Balmoral Hotel in Belfast last Thursday, Relatives For Justice spokesperson Clara Reilly was asked about the 10,000 award made by the British government to the families of the so-called Disappeared the previous day.

The questioner was implying that a monetary award made by the British government to the families of those killed by the British crown forces would somehow alleviate the pain and suffering endured by these families over the years.

``We don't want their blood money'', replied Clara, ``We want justice.''

At the press conference, called to challenge British Direct Ruler Peter Mandelson over his refusal to meet Relatives For Justice, spokesperson Mark Thompson accused the British of double standards in the way they have ignored the families of those killed by the state.

``There are clearly double standards at play and Peter Mandelson is at the helm of this activity. While vocally recognising and acknowledging the hurt and pain of others, on the issue of state and state sponsored violence his silence is and has been deafening.''

RIR's roll of Dishonour

The ever lengthening roll of dishonour of the RIR has now been extended to convicted sex offenders.

thony Hugo Doran of 9 Royal Irish Regiment based in Antrim has been allowed to remain in the British Army despite a conviction for indecent assault and possessing an offensive weapon.

Doran's commanding officer put the RIR man on, ``an administrative warning''.

In 1998, Doran was imprisoned for five months for the indecent assault and given three months on the possession charge.

However, on appeal the sentences were reduced to a 500 for the sex offence and 150 plus 100 costs for the possession charge.

Doran, who was living in Ballymena at the time, was placed on the sex offenders register.

In a statement, Sinn Féin representative Martin Meehan has criticised both the British Army and the judiciary over ``a decision that is typical of the way in which crimes carried out by members of the crown forces are brushed under the carpet''.

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