Republican News · Thursday 03 August 2000

[An Phoblacht]

So it is with the utmost sadness, regret and anger that we report on our front page today a sinister case of people cliaming to represent a loyalist paramilitary organisation threatening the life of a nurse at a Belfast hospital. The victim, who understandably does not wish to be identified, has been told on a number of accasions that she will be killed by the UFF.

Editorial in last week's Irish News reporting the death threats received by nurses at a hospital in Belfast

It's still a bit unreal. I walked out this mornin. It felt like I was going out on a visit - but then, when I came back to the house and saw the flags and everything, it started to sink in.

Republican POW Paul Stitt on his release from Long Kesh at the weekend

This represents a historically significant step forward for the peace process. It will be welcomed, notwithstanding some misgivings, by the overwhelming majority of people on this island. I would like to commend the many IRA and nationalist prisoners who have passed through Long Kesh and whose behaviour in the face of adversity has been exemplary.

Gerry Adams on the closure of Long Kesh

There is nothing written down anywhere which says these people are not qualifying prisoners.

Gerry Adams on the republican prisoners in Castlerea convicted in relation to the killing of Garda Jerry McCabe

I have concluded that I shall not be able to bring to the task the vigour and energy which it will undoubtedly require over the remaining two or three years of its life.

New Zealand Judge Edward Somers, resigning from the Bloody Sunday inquiry

Both homelessness and lack of experience of drug use make these users a particularly vulnerable group in terms of infection and general health and well being.

Merchant's Quay Project Director Tony Geoghegan reporting a one-third increase in the number of young heroin addicts presenting themselves at the clinic

De Bernière's book is an insult to the whole Greek people. But I believe it is also part of a global drive to rewrite history, to reverse historical facts, to convince people that political and social change is a dead end and that if you struggle for a better world, it only leads to bloodshed, suffering and failure.

91-year-old WWII Greek communist resistance member Vangelis Neochorotis criticises Louis de Bernière's Captain Corelli's Mandolin, a bestseller which paints a revisionist and unflattering view of the communist fighters who killed 8,000 German soldiers and already controlled 80% of the country when the Germans withdrew

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