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Release the
Castlerea Five

Last Friday, republican prisoners and their relatives celebrated outside Long Kesh as the vast bulk of POWs were released, also signalling the imminent closure of that hated institution. more

Just a stone's throw

For the families who moved into a North Belfast interface area just before last Christmas, a dream has become a nightmare.

Belmullet job losses

As fast as Tanaiste, Mary Harney, announces the opening of factories in the Dublin region, another factory closes down, usually in the West.

Laois rejects incineration

More nails have gone into the coffin of plans to meet the EU waste conditions through incineration and/or landfill, rather than by recycling waste.

McBride family seek expulsion of army killers

Downing Street claims to have no record of a letter hand delivered by members of the McBride family and justice campaigners.

McNamara calls for Patten implementation

A senior Labour Backbencher has called on the British government to `get back in the driving seat on police reform'.

UDA behind threats on hospital staff

Members of the nursing staff at the Mater Hospital in North Belfast have been threatened by the UDA.

Felons and Fellonis

Michael Pierse takes isue with media coverage of the recent absconding of prisoner Regina Felloni.

Meehan fights Newtownabbey discrimination

Martin Meehan has called for an investigation into allegations of sectarian discrimination by Newtownabbey Borough Council.

Make sure you're registered

Republicans and nationalists need to make sure they are on the electoral register for the next elections, says Sinn Féin's Mitchel McLaughlin.

Property rights win out

The government has commissioned no less than four comprehensive studies on the housing crisis.

``We don't want their blood money; we want justice''

The relatives of victims of state violence say they don't want a cash pay-off, but truth and justice.

Serial harasser threatens nationalists

An RUC sergeant who has a reputation for harassing nationalists has recently attempted to coerce a father into informing on his own son.

Make sure you're registered to vote!!!

Republicans and nationalists need to make sure they are on the electoral register for the next elections says Sinn Féin's Mitchel McLaughlin.

SNP to debate next step forward

Last week, Alex Salmond announced his resignation as National Convenor of the Scottish National Party.

Dublin's flawed `partnership' for recycling

Roisin de Rosa exposes an inadequate recycling scheme that will pave the way for an unwanted incinerator

Sinn Féin shakes up New Ross Council

The Supreme Court is currently considering the constitutionality of Part Five of the new Planning Bill.

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