Republican News · Thursday 27 April 2000

[An Phoblacht]

Stop Youghal harassment

Youghal Sinn Féin Councillor Martin Hallinan has contacted An Phoblacht to highlight Special Branch harassment of young republicans in the town.

The recently formed Youghal Volunteer Fife and Drum Band practices weekly in a local community centre but has been attracting unwanted attention from the Special Branch for the past three weeks. Gardaí have taken down people's car registration numbers and have followed the band as they practiced on the quays.

``It is an utter disgrace, in a town with a fairly sizeable drug and drink problem, that gardaí are wasting taxpayers' money by spying on young people in a band,'' said Hallinan. ``We are trying to offer young people a positive alternative, teach them to play an instrument and generally give them a chance in life. This harassment must stop now.''

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