Republican News · Thursday 27 April 2000

[An Phoblacht]

Name tax amnesty politicians - Sligo Corporation

Sligo Corporation has passed a Sinn Féin motion calling on the Dublin government to reveal the names of all the politicians who took advantage of the 1993 tax amnesty granted by the Fianna Fáil/Labour coalition government.

Proposing the motion, Councillor Arthur Gibbons said: ``It is long past time for the political establishment to clean up its act and to rid political life of tax cheats and corruption.''

The motion reads: ``That Sligo Corporation calls on the Government to reveal the names of all politicians that availed of the notorious tax amnesty granted to tax cheats by Labour and Fianna Fáil in 1993. This motion to be circulated to all local authorities in the State.''

Gibbons told last week's meeting of Sligo Corporation: ``Since the tax amnesty was introduced, we have witnessed revelation after revelation of dodgy deals, backhanders, brown envelopes stuffed with money and widespread corruption in political and financial life. There must be no hiding place for bent politicians.''

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