Republican News · Thursday 13 April 2000

[An Phoblacht]

Ard Fheis demands prisoner releases

Although quite a number of political prisoners have been released under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement, others remain in prison, both North and South.

Motion 84 on the Ard Fheis clár accused the 26-County government of failing in its obligations under the Agreement to release those prisoners still in custody. It also stated that the Dublin government created bad faith through its arrests of Bik McFarlane, Angelo Fusco and Paul `Dingus' Magee, the latter two on foot of British extradition warrants.

People on the run should be allowed to return home and not have to worry about being arrested and imprisoned, demanded Motion 87, submitted by Monaghan Sinn Féin.

other motion demanded that republicans urgently work to demand that the remains of those republican martyrs still buried in prison graves be exhumed for reburial.

Those mentioned in the motion were Thomas Kent, who was executed in 1916 and lies in Cork Prison. and the remains of the `Forgotten 10'. executed by the British during the Tan War (including Kevin Barry) and who lie in Mountjoy Jail.

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