Republican News · Thursday 13 April 2000

[An Phoblacht]

The longer the British government delays, the more it makes itself party to the shameful murders, lies and cover-ups that have surrounded the whole contentious matter.

Martin Finucane, brother of assassinated solicitor Pat Finucane, on the intervention of the UN in the Rosemary Nelson and Finucane murder/collusion cases


At the same time as the Bloody Sunday inquiry has finally opened, it is unbelievable the army may allow these convicted killers to remain in its ranks. Wright and Fisher have never shown the slightest remorse for their crime. No other service would even contemplate their continuing employment.

British MP Jeremy Corbyn on the decision to let Scots Guards Wright and Fisher resume their British Army careers after their convictions for murdering nationalist Peter McBride


Morale has been decimated among our members and wages are so poor that we will have problems in recruiting people into the profession. Consequently, the quality of service to patients will inevitably suffer.

MSF spokesperson Tony Carlin after marching health workers to Stormont to highlight poor pay and conditions


Eveyone has been alerted as to what is going on... you've got four weeks before this becomes a disaster, and if it does, blame will be laid squarely at the doors of those responsible.

Bob Geldolf on the impending disaster and famine in Ethiopia


We say to David Trimble: turn up for business, turn up on Monday morning and he will find republicans are ready to do business.

Mitchel McLaughlin in a message to David Trimble at the weekend


As is often the case in situations such as this, the RUC would only impart the bare minimum information. Many questions have yet to be answered. Those visited want to know which loyalist organisations are involved.

Sinn Féin Councillor on being informed they were under ``immediate threat'' from loyalists by the RUC

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