[An Phoblacht]


Bauble for
RUC bigots

Elizabeth Windsor has bestowed the award of the George Cross on the discredited paramilitary police force, the RUC. more

Onus on Blair and Mandelson

This year's Ard Fheis saw Sinn Féin delegates debate the full range of party policy. Party President Gerry Adams set the tone with his keynote address.

Mandelson spins out of control

This week marks the second anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement.

British war machine in overdrive

British military activity throughout the Six Counties is reaching an all time high.

`I don't think I have ever gotten over that year'

Eoin O'Broin talks to Danny Morrison about his role as Sinn Féin spokesperson during the 1981 Hunger Strike,

British soldiers threaten Armagh man

A South Armagh man who was stopped and threatened by British soldiers about half a mile inside the 26 Counties.

`If the shooting starts'

Twenty Sinn Féin elected representatives were informed by the RUC that they were being actively targeted by loyalist death squads.

Ballymacoda Patriot honoured

The death of the famous East Cork Fenian, Peter O'Neill Crowley was commemorated on Sunday 2 April.

McGuinness rubbishes slur

The British military has attempted to divert attention away from the fact that British paratroopers killed 14 innocent civilians in Derry in 1972.

Monumental hypocrisy

Unionists have raised objections to an IRA memorial on the basis that it does not have the benefit of planning permission.

Fusco hearing postponed

Angelo Fusco's High Court challenge to an extradition order to the Six Counties has been put off until June or July.

Crowe attacks housing propaganda

The Irish Business and Employers Confederation (IBEC) has made controversial proposals on tackling the housing crisis.

Below cost selling

Dublin Minister Mary Harney has started a controversy by saying that she was contemplating lifting the government's ban on below cost selling.

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