Republican News · Thursday 06 April 2000

[An Phoblacht]

Young mother under loyalist threat

A West Belfast mother fears for her children's lives following the revelation that her Twinbrook address is on a loyalist hit list.

Tracey McLaughlin was informed by the RUC last Friday, 31 March, that a previous tenant's name with her Broom Park address, where Tracey has lived for the past seven years, has been identified on a UDA hit list document.

The devastated young woman said she is now considering leaving the area for fear that she and her family will be the target of a loyalist hit squad.

``You cannot take this information as anything other than a threat to your life,'' she said, ``as at the end of the day it is my address on the list, even though it is not my name.''

The McLaughlin home became a fortress following the news. ``We pulled the car right up to the front door and literally barricaded ourselves in so that no-one could gain entry,'' she said.

Up to five Twinbrook residents were informed last week that their addresses were on the UDA list and Councillor Sue Ramsey has urged the local community to exercise extra vigilance.

``The information contained in these files represents a serious and disturbing threat to the Catholic population of this area,'' she said.

``The lives of families such as Tracey McLaughlin's have been turned upside down by discoveries such as this'', said Ramsey.

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