Republican News · Thursday 06 April 2000

[An Phoblacht]

Murderous sectarian state

IN THE LATEST killing by loyalists in North Belfast, a 38-year-old man from County Down was gunned down as he was working on contruction in the Rathcoole Estate on the outskirts of the city. Roger Bradley from Swatragh was singled out because he was a Catholic by the two gunmen who shot him dead on Wednesday 4 April

Roger Bradley, a plumber, was working on renovation under contract from the Housing Executive at Armoy Gardens in the predominantly loyalist Rathcoole Estate. At 1.30pm on Wednesday, he was approached at his van by two gunmen who shot him dead. He was 38, married with three children, and from Craigvale, Swatragh, County Derry.

The killing came just under a year after a very similar killing by a loyalist gang. On 15 May 1989, Malachy Trainor from Kilkeel, County Down, who was also doing building work in the Rathcoole Estate, was shot dead for no other reason than that he was a Catholic. Then, as on this occasion, the loylaist killers warned all Catholics to ``keep out''.

The killing of people because they are Catholics is a tactic that has always been used by loyalist sectarian murder gangs - both in and out of British uniforms. In the last 20 years, nearly 800 people, most of them Catholics, have been killed by loyalist terror gangs.

Phoblacht, Thursday 5 April 1990

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