Republican News · Thursday 18 November1999

[An Phoblacht]

Murderers may be thrown out by Brits

Derry-based human rights group, the Pat Finucane Centre has confirmed to An Phoblacht that a new British Army board has been appointed to reexamine the cases of British soldiers Mark Fisher and James Wright, who were convicted of murdering North Belfast teenager Peter McBride in September 1992.

Both were sentenced to life imprisonment for the killing but were released after serving less than four years by then Secretary of State Mo Mowlam and returned to their unit in the British army, the Scots Guards.

On their release, a British Army board ruled that despite their convictions they were still fit to serve in the army.

However, it now appears that the long battle carried on by the McBride family to have Wright and Fisher thrown out of the British Army may be moving closer to success.

British defence secretary Geoff Hoon has said that a new British Army board would examine whether Mark Fisher and James Wright should be retained in the British Army.

nouncing the new decision, Geoff Hoon said that he accepted the findings of the judicial review ``that the army board's decision was, in one respect flawed''.

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