Republican News · Thursday 18 November1999

[An Phoblacht]

Quinlivan appeal opens


The High Court appeal of Brixton escapee Nessan Quinlivan against a 1995 district Court order for his extradition to Britain began in Dublin on Tuesday, 16 November.

Quinlivan faces four warrants, allegeding conspiracy to murder Sir Charles Tidbury, chairman of the Whitbread Brewery, and conspiracy to cause explosions on dates before 12 November 1990, escape from lawful custody and wounding with intent.

The court heard that as he would be released under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement, it would be fruitless to extradite him.

The court was also told that all political prisoners jailed in England for offences connected with the IRA campaign have now been transferred to the Republic or the North, with many of them released.

Quinlivan is resisting extradition to Britain on the grounds that his offences for which his extradition is sought are political offences.

His solicitor, Michael Farrell, told the court that Quinlivan would not receive a fair trial because of extensive, prejudical and continuing publicity in Britain since his arrest in 1990. The court also heard that the escape by Quinlivan and fellow escapee Pearse McCauley was encouraged by MI5 and set up by an agent provocateur.

It was revealed that the agent was prisoner officer Alan Marshall, an ex-SAS member who had been allegedly working as an informant for Det. Sgt. Keith Harrison of the Staffordshire Police Special Branch. The hearing continues.

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