Republican News · Thursday 18 November1999

[An Phoblacht]

Children's Art Irish language calendar

Ireland's first Irish language calendar for the year 2000, based on Vivaldi's Four Seasons, which will help raise money for non-funded Irish language schools, has been launched in Belfast.

Addressing teachers, parents and representatives from the Department of Education and those business organisations who sponsored the project, Eamonn O'Faogáin of Gaeloiliúnt congratulated the 800 pupils from every level of Irish-medium education who took part in the exhibition.

Praising the teachers who responded to the project, he urged them to remember that no curriculum is ``worth its salt'' if it does not allow the children to fully explore their world using the medium of the arts in education.

``With so much pressure on educationalists and teachers to produce results and league tables, sometimes we forget we are dealing with human beings and young human beings at that,'' said O'Faogáin. ``Education should be a joyous activity and one which allows the children to explore the world as they see it and experience it.''

Ciara de Barra, representing the Irish language schools, thanked all the sponsors who supported the project financially.

Schools wishing to obtain their quota of calendars priced at 3.50 each should contact GAELOILIUINT on 01232 247222/028 90 247222.

The calendar is also available from An Cultúrlann, Belfast on 01232 239303 / 028 90 239303 and An Siopa, Conradh na Gaeilge, Dublin 4783814.

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