Republican News · Thursday 19 November 1998

[An Phoblacht]

Unionist vacuum, loyalist violence

Loyalists attacked homes in two nationalist areas of Belfast on Monday evening. In separate incidents gangs of Loyalists attacked homes in Hillman Street in the New Lodge area of North Belfast and the Glengoland area in West Belfast.

North Belfast assembly member Gerry Kelly said: ``At 10.30pm four families living in Hillman Street were attacked by a group of Loyalists. Large ball-bearings were fired through living room windows and the velocity of the missiles would indicate that some form of mechanised weapon was used. One woman received a leg injury.''

Phoblacht has learned that the latest Glengoland attack is part of an ongoing and increasingly brazen series of attacks emanating from the loyalist Blacks Road area. In the Monday night incident up to eleven Loyalists attacked eight homes, two of which were homes to disabled people. The chapel and priest's house were also attacked.

Kelly said: ``It is clear there is a degree of organisation involved which suggests Loyalist paramilitaries are behind these sectarian attacks. Since the murder of Brian Service there has been a steady rise in the number of sectarian attacks, they are not isolated and appear to be planned.''

Meanwhile Kelly has also called on the RUC to state whether or not they arrested four Loyalists travelling in the Brookfield Mill area of Ardoyne, North Belfast, in the early hours of last Sunday morning. The Sinn Fein assembly member said local people had witnessed arrests but the RUC had failed to make any public comment.

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