Republican News · Thursday 19 November 1998

[An Phoblacht]

The H-Blocks of Long Kesh represent a monument to the integrity and courage of republican POWs and stand as testimony to the refusal of the POWs to be regarded as anything other than political prisoners. They are also a monument to the failure of successive British governments to develop a political response to the conflict.

Sinn Féin's Gerry Kelly on the idea that the H-Blocks should be turned into a museum.


There is also an historical significance about this trial because we hope it brings to an end an era of judgements in the British courts leading to gross miscarriages of justice. That is in the spirit of the Belfast Agreement. If this appeal is successful, as we believe it should be, it draws a line underneath the past sad events of 30 years. But also it will bring justice to a man wrongly accused and falsely incarcerated.

British Labour MP Kevin McNamara on the case of Danny McNamee, whose appeal began this week.


To be drawn against the RUC in the first place put the club in an unenviable positon in which they should not have been put. The club and players need some space and the community should support them in trying to find an alternative which will ensure that they do not find themselves in this situation again.

Sinn Féin's Gerard O'Neill on Donegal Celtic's decision not to play the RUC. Irish News, Friday 13 November.


Hague really is a terrible leader... The continual sniping from the Tory front bench threatens to undermine the Good Friday Agreement and the peace which is being built as a result. He was at it again at the weekend when he called for the suspension of prisoner releases until decommissioning had started.

Editorial in the Irish News on Conservative leader William Hague. Monday 16 November.


It was close, very close.

US Defence Secretary William Cohen on the America's attempted bombing of Iraq.


If they are after Saddam, why are they going after him over the bodies of over a million Iraqis?

Iraqi citizen talking to reporters. The Examiner, Monday 16 November.


The gist of their sentiments was as follows: ``Don't the unionists and their fellow travellers understand the mindset of the IRA? The ceasefire is genuine - not a stunt like the LVF, to get prisoners out of jail - but anything that smacks of surrender just isn't on. This is not the way to handle the issue. Look at the South - where are the Fianna Fáil guns? What did the ``Stickies'' - new-found friends of the unionists - do with their guns?

The Irish Times reporter Deaglán De Breadún summing up the feeling at the SDLP's annual conference held in Newry last weekend.


The LVF have not divulged any details to anyone whatsoever regarding what amount of weapons they are prepared to hand over. To say that 20 weapons will be handed over within ten days is nothing less than media speculation.

LVF `army council' member on reports that the group would be decommissioning.

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