Republican News · Thursday 19 November 1998

[An Phoblacht]

RUC school scandal

Pupils of a Catholic girls school in West Belfast were last week used in a sinister propaganda exercise by the RUC. The party of thirty teenagers, all pupils of St Louise's School, were left in the hands of the RUC for almost five hours without their own or their parents' approval. They were driven through loyalist areas in two undercover RUC minibuses.

The group of Lower Sixth formers, aged between sixteen and seventeen, had been told that they were going on a retreat to Benburb Priory last Thursday 10 November. They were asked to make their way to the city centre's ABC cinema for 8.30 in the morning. There the thirty youngsters boarded two minibuses which the school had apparently laid on for the trip.

There were two men, in plainclothes, on each bus. While one drove, the other accompanied the party to Benburb. St Louise's vice-principal, Mairead O'Halloran, did not travel on either bus, but drove on ahead in her personal car.

Despite there being a quicker route to Benburb over the Westlink, the buses travelled through the loyalist areas of Sandy Row and the Village.

Phoblacht 17 November 1988

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