Republican News · Thursday 25 September 1997

[An Phoblacht]


Thursday 18 September

The Welsh vote by a majority of 0.6% for a devolved parliament within the United Kingdom.

Ten people are killed in a petrol-bomb and gun attack on a tourist bus in Cairo.


Friday 19 September

A Sinn Féin delegation travels to Dublin government buildings for talks with Bertie Ahern.

The INLA claims responsibility for a grenade attack on a crown forces base in Derry.

A high-speed train crashes in West London killing six passengers.


Saturday 20 September

Fifty-three people, mainly women, are massacred south of Algiers by an armed group.

Up to 170 loyalists demonstrate at evening Mass in Harryville, County Antrim. Bottles and stones are thrown and abuse is shouted at parishioners.


Sunday 21 September

estimated 600,000 protest in the Philippine capital of Manila to make clear to President Fidel Ramos that he should leave the presidency next year.

A well-known Dublin solicitor is linked to the money laundering operation which led to the questioning of a former politician by Gardaí.


Monday 22 September

Presidential candidate Adi Roche is at the centre of controversy over claims that she was a bully to staff in the Chernobyl charity which she leads.


Tuesday 23 September

All-party talks begin at Stormont, with the Ulster Unionists taking their seats across from Sinn Féin. Ken Maginnis reads an `indictment' of Sinn Féin before he and David Trimble walk out.

The Progressive Democrats formally back Mary McAleese for the 26-County presidency.


Wednesday 24 September

Unionists signal that they will take part in talks process as it moves into substantive negotiations.

A 21-year-old Bosnian is charged with the murder of a 24-year-old security guard in Dublin last June.

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