Republican News · Thursday 10 July 1997

[An Phoblacht]

UDA man killed with own bomb

By Eoin O'Broin

The death of Brian Morton, blown up by his own bomb last Monday 9 July is another sign of continuing loyalist violence against the nationalist community.

Morton's death occurred two days before a no warning bomb attack in Andersonstown, thought to be the work of loyalists. That attack was on Wednesday 9 July when three men wearing dark glasses and carrying walkie-talkies abandoned a Volvo at shops on the Andersonstown Road. They sped off in a second car which went in the direction of Finaghy Road North.

Sinn Féin members cleared the area as the RUC took almost an hour to answer a call from a member of the public. Councillor Michael Brown who represents the area has urged nationalists to be vigilant.

Morton, aged 28, who was a member of the UDA, was believed to have been handling a pipe bomb when it exploded prematurely, killing him and injuring at least one other man who managed to escape.

The explosion happened near the Lagan tow-path not far from Seymour Hill in South Belfast where Morton lived.

The next day during a follow up operation the RUC found a number of similar devices at the scene.

d Sinn Féin councillor Alex Maskey has accused the RUC of deliberately putting a spin on the intentions of the loyalist who was killed. Maskey maintains that the bomb was to be used in an attack on nationalists and dismissed RUC assertions that the device was being defused at the time it exploded.

Later on Monday night, members of both the UDA and UVF staged a show of strength in North Belfast.

Masked men armed with assault rifles and machine guns were filmed patrolling in Woodvale, saying they were there to protect Protestants. A similar incident took place on Tuesday night in Mid Ulster involving members of the LVF.

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