August 12, 2017



A one-sided approach by council authorities to bonfires has been blamed for a riotous conflagration in nationalist areas of Belfast city centre this week which threatened to reignite conflict at sectarian interfaces in the city.

Sinn Fein leaders open door to left-right coalition

adamsmcdonald.jpg There is increasing speculation that Sinn Fein could become the junior partners in the next coalition government in the 26 Counties after the party leadership refused to rule it out.

Protest stops British Legion concert performance

legionbusknocklong.jpg A protest by a group called ‘Irish Socialist Republicans’ successfully disrupted a concert performance in honour of the British Army at a rural village in County Limerick this week.

Strong turnout for restricted anti-internment march

antiinternment2017.jpg Over a thousand people took part in an anti-internment parade through Belfast which was banned from the city centre last weekend, while two tiny loyalist and fascist events were allowed to take place there.

DUP ‘cosying up to the UDA’

stittfoster2.jpg Sinn Fein’s Gerry Kelly has condemned the DUP for “cosying up to the UDA” while Sinn Fein was “standing up against armed groups from right across the community”.

‘Spycop’ infiltrated Troops Out Movement

tomlogo.jpg Undercover police who spied on political groups have been identified by a judge-led public inquiry in England into illegal police operations.

The Battle of the Bogside

battlebogside600.jpg For years the nationalist majority of Derry had suffered a unionist gerrymander of the city which left many Catholics living in slum conditions.

Gutless unionism can’t do the decent thing

jeffreydonaldson600.jpg The DUP can’t stand up to the UDA because they might need them again soon to prevent change.

August 5, 2017

Historic Dáil document on peaceful unification

unitingdoc.jpg An Irish parliamentary report on achieving Irish unity has placed the republican goal of a united Ireland in the context of 26 County constitutional parliamentary politics for the first time.

Varadkar makes waves in Belfast

leopride.jpg The 26 County Taoiseach has made his first visit north of the border since becoming Fine Gael leader, and called for a “unique solution” to the status of the Six Counties after Brexit and attending a Gay Pride event.

PSNI ‘handed keys to every flat’

newlodge.jpg The PSNI police have been provided with the keys to every property in the tower blocks of republican north Belfast, it has emerged.

Portlaoise dispute reflects divisions for prisoners

donalbillings.jpg A dispute which saw unaligned republican prisoner Donal Billings undertake a brief hunger protest after he was removed from the republican wing of Portlaoise jail has ended amicably with his return to the wing.

Tensions high as Belfast rallies against internment

burningcar.jpg Tensions remain high in the North following ‘the Twelfth’ marches by the Orange Order and sectarian bonfires earlier this month, and ahead of a confluence of nationalist, loyalist and far-right protests and counter-protests in Belfast on Sunday.

Talks on hold but Stormont rancour continues

adamsmarylou.jpg Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams has said he would “cancel his holidays now” to deal with outstanding issues and get Stormont’s Executive back up and running.

‘Uniting Ireland and its People in Peace and Prosperity’

markdaly.jpg An abridged introduction to this week’s report of Joint Committee on the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement and a summary of its recommendations.

Robert Hamill was walking home

roberthamill600.jpg The British bear a great responsibility for the visceral hatred of Catholics by loyalists who support this artificially constructed colony.

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