Irish Republican News · June 4, 2016
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IRISH REPUBLICAN NEWS: Builders end MI5 transmission in Ardoyne
Builders end MI5 transmission in Ardoyne


Republicans in north Belfast have described how the PSNI police descended on a house within minutes of a spying device being discovered by builders doing work on the property in the Ardoyne area.

Renovation work was being carried out on the house belonging to well-known republican Tucker McDonald when builders removing a plasterboard ceiling discovered what appeared to be a transmitter and listening device.

They phoned Mr McDonald, and as he was making his way to the house, a number of PSNI armoured vehicles pulled up outside. They entered the property and ordered the builders to leave, locked the doors and closed the blinds before removing a number of items.

Mr McDonald was refused entry to his house while the search was taking place. A document given to Mr McDonald later confirmed that the PSNI had removed a ‘suspected transmitter’ from his house.

In a Facebook post, a spokesman for the Republican Network for Unity said: “This is a far stretch from the ‘friendly’ and ‘community’ policing that we continually hear about and major questions must be asked as to why the PSNI used a heavy handed raid to recover the covert devices.”

“Republican Network for Unity demand the state forces immediately allow this man to live his life free from harassment and unnecessary state spying.

“This is a clear breach of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights and must be halted.”

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