Irish Republican News · January 25, 2013
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IRISH REPUBLICAN NEWS: Marian Price refused parole to attend sister’s funeral
Marian Price refused parole to attend sister’s funeral


The family of Marian Price have been told this evening that her application for compassionate parole following the tragic death of her sister Dolours has been refused.

Marian was granted bail earlier today at a court hearing in Belfast, although the judge said it was up to the Parole Commissioners to decide whether to release her.

“Given Marian’s current health issues it is laughable that she would pose any kind of security or flight risk,” the family said in a statement.

“We feel this decision is nothing more than a continuance of a vicious and vindictive campaign on the part of the Prison Service, the Department of Justice and the British secretary of state along with M15 to destroy Marian both physically and mentally.

“We would urge all right thinking people to utterly condemn this blatant breach of Marian’s fundamental human rights.”

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