Irish Republican News · July 13, 2012
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IRISH REPUBLICAN NEWS: Attempt to recuit informer at Derry hospital
Attempt to recuit informer at Derry hospital

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement has condemned what it said was a recruitment attempt by British MI5 agents which took place at the breast cancer unit at Altnagelvin Hospital in Derry.

The targeted individual had been sitting with his three-year- old son as his wife was receiving treatment for breast cancer, when he was approached by a woman who engaged in small-talk.

The woman asked for directions to the reception -- which was directly in front of her. But the man really grew suspicious when another man who he recognised from a previous approach stepped out from behind her.

The MI5 man said he wanted “a chat”. The British agent stated that they were there to “save lives” so to talk to them.

The man told them to get away from him “loudly” and they retreated from the scene. But the female agent then returned and dropped a contact card.

On exiting the hospital, a Mitsubishi jeep circled the young family in a threatening manner.

“This woman has been suffering from a life threatening illness and receiving treatment in a supposed place of sanctuary,” according to a statement by the 32 County Sovereignty Movement.

“She has been a victim of RUC/PSNI harassment all the while through her treatment for breast cancer, suffering baiting and house raids together with the run of the mill harassment that Republicans and their families suffer on a daily basis.

“The fact that approaches were made as she was being treated shows that there are no lengths the British fascists will not stoop to in their harassment of Republicans.”

They urged people to remain vigilant and report any approaches in person or by email.

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