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IRISH REPUBLICAN NEWS: Marian Price charged over 2009 attack
Marian Price charged over 2009 attack

Veteran republican Marian Price has been charged by the PSNI in a move widely seen as a political response to the growing controversy over selective internment and the plight of Brendan Lillis.

The charges, which relate to an IRA attack on Massereene British Army base in March 2009, have been condemned by her legal team as as abuse of the legal process.

Her lawyer, Peter Corrigan, said that a legal bid will be made to have the case against her thrown out.

The secretary of the hardline 32 County Sovereignty Committee is currently being held at Maghaberry following her summary imprisonment earlier this year.

Her defence team has said it wants to cross-examine three witnesses, including two senior PSNI men, as part of their challenge to the case against her.

Mr Corrigan said: “The defendant was originally questioned in relation to these matters in November 2009. That’s 18 months ago. “No new evidence has been adduced since that date.”

The lawyer detailed how his client’s previous release from prison was summarily ‘revoked’ by the British Direct Ruler after she attended an Easter commemoration at which a statement by the ‘Real IRA’ was read out.

A hearing into the revocation of her licence is due to take place in August, which her lawyer believes will see her released.

“Why has it taken 18 months to make a decision to charge Marian [Price] with these offences?” Mr Corrigan asked. “There must have been a decision taken at the time that there was insufficient evidence, and now she is about to be released.”

Ms Price, a former hunger striker, was not in court to hear the charge.

The case will be before court again on August 5.

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