Irish Republican News · May 30, 2011
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IRISH REPUBLICAN NEWS: ‘War criminal’ interviewed on RTE
‘War criminal’ interviewed on RTE

The Pat Finucane Centre, a Derry-based human rights group, has protested against recent television interviews with the man most held responsible for the Bloody Sunday massacre.

In the wake of the arrest on Thursday May 26 of Serbian general Ratko Mladic, who is wanted for war crimes, RTE, the 26-County state broadcaster, carried a series of reports on the arrest.

One of those interviewed and asked to comment was General Mike Jackson. Jackson, a former Captain in the Parachute Regiment, was in Derry on Bloody Sunday and wrote up the infamous ‘shot-list’ which claimed that the dead and injured were gunmen and nail bombers. The interviewers did not question Jackson about his role in atrocities in the north of Ireland.

“It is deeply inappropriate that one of the key individuals involved in Bloody Sunday should be asked to comment on the arrest of a war criminal,” a PFC spokesperson said.

John Kelly, whose brother Michael was murdered on the day said: “In my view Jackson himself should be facing a criminal investigation not commenting on the arrest of war criminals and certainly not on Ireland’s national broadcaster.”

The PFC have called on people to e-mail RTE at and lodge a protest.

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