Irish Republican News · December 3, 2010
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IRISH REPUBLICAN NEWS: Concerns over Lundy parade
Concerns over Lundy parade

The Apprentice Boys’ Lundy Day parade takes place in Derry tomorrow [Saturday] once again raising fears of sectarian clashes in the second largest city in the North.

Some five thousand members of the loyalist Apprentice Boys organisation and bandsmen are to parade past the Diamond -- in the centre of the overwhelmingly nationalist city -- before the annual burning in effigy of the ‘traitor’ Lundy on nearby Bishop Street.

The march will pass the weekly protest organised by the Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association (IRPWA) on Shipquay Street.

Prominent Derry republican Gary Donnelly of the IRPWA said the decision to stage the protest during the Apprentice Boys march was “just co-incidental.”

“We will be there solely to protest against the strip searches and general treatment of republican prisoners. We will not be interacting with any other event, including the sectarian hate parade, which we will be ignoring,” he said.

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