Irish Republican News · July 12, 2010
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IRISH REPUBLICAN NEWS: Ardoyne protest attacked
Ardoyne protest attacked

A peaceful protest against a provocative anti-Catholic parade in north Belfast is being subjected to a violent PSNI assault this evening.

Over 100 people, mostly dressed in white t-shirts, continue to stage the sit-down protest on the Upper Crumlin Road, while about 200 more onlookers have gathered.

Water cannon is now being used against the sit-down demonstration and the situation continues to escalate.

Meanwhile, hundreds of loyalists have gathered at the nearby Twaddell Avenue awaiting return of the highly controversial Orange Order parade

PSNI riot police in armoured uniforms garthered in preparation for the assualt since this afternoon, and ambulances are reportedly on standby.

There had been appeals for calm from those carrying out the sit-down protest, but those appear to have failed this evening.

Away from the main protest, the PSNI has clashed with nationalist youths, and plastic bullets have already been fired.

Meanwhile, the Ormeau Road, in the area of the Ormeau Bridge has also been blocked by local residents, and rioting has also broken out there.

A very large police presence has also been mounted in this area and helicopters continee to hover over both scenes.

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