Irish Republican News · March 28, 2008
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IRISH REPUBLICAN NEWS: Bugging device found
Bugging device found

A piece of electronic equipment described as a “sophisticated bugging and tracking device” has been found in the vehicle of one of its Dublin-based members, the 32 County Sovereignty Movement has said.

The device was secreted internally into the dashboard of the vehicle and was equipped with its own self contained power supply.

“The manner by which the device was installed strongly suggests that those who planted it took considerable time to effect this and was obviously professionally done,” the 32CSM said.

The device is understood to have been of English manufacture, but the group said it was uncertain if it originated from a British, Irish or joint British/Irish intelligence source.

“Suffice to say that the unearthing of yet another intelligence gathering device clearly illustrates that the war against those who articulate the right of the Irish people to National Sovereignty continues in government circles.

“The individual 32CSM member involved has sought legal advice on the matter.

“The 32CSM reiterates our call for all republicans to be diligent in the face of these insidious attempts to undermine the republican struggle.

“British Parliamentary activity in Ireland takes many forms.”

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