Irish Republican News · December 29, 2006
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IRISH REPUBLICAN NEWS: British Army recruitment opposed
British Army recruitment opposed

It has emerged that in some of west Belfast’s schools the British Army is openly recruiting through distributing glossy magazines, pamphlets and leaflets in classes aimed at enhancing young people’s career prospects.

Republican Socialist Youth Movement spokesperson Christopher Duffy commented “In this new year we see the redoubling of efforts to normalise the occupation of our country and more disturbingly an increase in the British army’s attempts to recruit young people into the ranks of their imperialist army.

“The British army earlier this year fell short of their recruitment targets. The young people of west Belfast are not cannon fodder to be used to do the bidding of the British in their continued occupation here and of distant shores.

“Attempts to recruit more Catholics into their army does not change the very nature of that army, which is to uphold and defend British rule and capitalist interests in Ireland.”

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