Irish Republican News · September 1, 2005
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IRISH REPUBLICAN NEWS: UVF considering peace move - reports
UVF considering peace move - reports

Reports have claimed that the unionist paramilitary UVF may be preparing to make a significant move in the peace process, including ordering its members to ‘stand down’.

The British government has resisted calls from nationalist and unionist politicians to take action against the group, despite it being blamed for four murders in two months. The official British stance is that the UVF is maintaining a ceasefire.

However, reports have claimed the British reluctance to act may be linked to speculation that the UVF may be preparing to order an end to all “activities” and a gesture on decommissioning its weapons.

It is claimed that the possible move, which is not expected in the short term, would include the UVF reshaping itself as a veterans’ organisation.

However, the continuing feud with the breakaway LVF is reportedly preventing action, with a UVF representative claiming British forces are using

Last night David Ervine, whose PUp political party represents the UVF in talks, refused to prejudge the outcome of the UVF’s internal debate.

“I will not pre-empt those discussions,” he said.

“What I will say is that there have been substantial and significant changes to the political landscape in recent times. No-one in this society can fail to be affected by those moves and that includes loyalist paramilitaries.”

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