Irish Republican News · April 23, 2005
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Manifesto season
A summary of the election manifestos of Sinn Féin’s main opponents.


DUP manifesto: main proposals

  • ‘Voluntary coalition’ that excludes Sinn Féin

  • More accountable direct rule in absence of devolution

  • Oppose abolition of part-time police reserve

  • Greater accountability for North-South bodies

  • Priority for rights of victims

  • Ban smoking in public places

  • Improve and make health service more accountable

  • Lower domestic rates

    UUP manifesto: main proposals

  • ‘Voluntary coalition’ that excludes Sinn Féin

  • Opposition to education cuts and replacement of the North’s five education boards with one education authority.

  • Replace the North’s four health boards with one authority.

  • Ban smoking in public places.

  • Keep the full-time police reserve and abolish the 50:50 rule for recruitment of Protestants and Catholics.

  • A Six County anti-racism drive.

  • Opposition to the proposed EU Constitution.

    SDLP manifesto: main proposals

  • Campaign to persuade unionists of merits of united Ireland.

  • Recall Forum for Peace and Reconciliation.

  • Create new North-South bodies.

  • Radical demilitarisation to be completed by Easter 2006.

  • Devolve justice and policing in 18 months.

  • Establish truth remembrance process.

  • Create an all-Ireland Criminal Assets Bureau.

  • Campaign for adoption of euro by Britain.

  • Create new Irish language Act.

  • An all-Ireland anti-racism drive.

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