Irish Republican News · March 3, 2005
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IRISH REPUBLICAN NEWS: Anger at PSNI march flip-flop
Anger at PSNI march flip-flop

A PSNI police decision to allow a unionist paramilitary band to walk through the republican Whitewell Road area of north Belfast has sparked anger.

The Whitewell Defenders and its followers attempted to deviate from the route laid down by the Parades Commission for a march on Saturday.

The PSNI quickly allowed the band, known for its inflammatory and sectarian displays, to walk up the mainly nationalist road.

Community worker Paul McKernan blased the decision.

“It has been eight or nine years since there was a march on the Whitewell Road, because it is so controversial. Anyone with any common sense would have known not to take it up the Whitewell Road,” he said.

Mr McKernan said he saw some marchers throwing golf balls as they passed through the nationalist area.

Sinn Féin councillor David Kennedy said the police decision was an “absolute disgrace”.

“The Parades Commission ruled that they were not to march through nationalist districts. The PSNI allowed them to march down the Whitewell Road,” he said.

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