Irish Republican News · September 28, 2004
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IRISH REPUBLICAN NEWS: Republican merchandise banned by e-Bay
Republican merchandise banned by e-Bay

An internet auction site has banned the sale of all Irish republican materials outside the USA.

The Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America claimed its account with e-Bay had been suspended because of a new policy banning the sale of “IRA items”.

However, the group, which supports the Irish Republican Socialist Party, linked to the INLA (Irish National LIberation Army) -- said it offered “absolutely nothing for sale related to the IRA”.

Spokesman Peter Urban said it had sold items on e-Bay for almost three years and was “annoyed” that its 30 regular listings of assorted T-shirts, pins and badges were removed from the site.

He said its account had been suspended for 30 days.

“We’re quite proud of the distinctive aspects of the IRSP and INLA and aren’t at all complimented to have them mistaken for the IRA,” he said.

“But we aren’t surprised that to e-Bay, one Irish republican is just like any other.”

Mr Urban said the group will now have to restrict its sales to the United States. The ban does not apply to the US, apparently because of that country’s constitutional protections.

“We aren’t happy about it, as we do a lot of sales in Britain and Ireland, as well as Continental Europe, Australia and New Zealand, but we’ll still use e-Bay for sales in the US,” he said.

Mr Urban said the statement his organisation received from e-Bay had said the ban was an extension of policies on the British site.

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