Irish Republican News · July 27, 2004
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We have dossier - UDA

Elements of the unionist paramilitary UDA have said that they are in possession of the intelligence dossier which “disappeared” from Castlereagh Crown force base in east Belfast last week.

The document is reported to contain the details of hundreds of republicans, who now fear that they may be targeted for attack.

Controversailly, no-one has yet been informed that their details may be in the hands of unionist pramilitaries.

One report quoted a UDA source saying: “It is in the possession of the organisation, but obviously very few people have seen it and very few will be allowed to access it.

“It won’t be flaunted like the Brian Nelson photo-montages.”

The last comment was a reference to the high-grade intelligence on republicans passed to UDA death squads by a British agent which fuelled a series of murder attacks.

One or more soldiers of the British Army’s Royal Irish Regiment have been accused of smuggling the dossier out of the high-security barracks.

RIR soldiers have been transferred from look-out posts in nationalist area pending the outcome of an inquiry.

Sinn Fein MLA Gerry Kelly called for all those included in the dossier to be told they are under threat.

“It is no longer tenable that the Secretary of State, Paul Murphy, will not comment on this matter,” he said yesterday.

He said the latest security breach was just the tip of the iceberg.

“Sinn Fein have been working for some time to get the truth from the British government about what’s going on around Castlereagh,” Mr Kelly said.

“The more that’s leaked into the media, the more we are convinced that we are looking at a major collusion scandal involving Castlereagh and also involving look-out posts in nationalist areas of Belfast.

“We have met the British and Irish governments on this. We are repeating the call for everyone named in the dossier to be informed immediately.

“The British government are saying that they don’t know where the dossier is, but that it’s not in the hands of loyalist paramilitaries. How can they say that if they don’t know where it is?”

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