Irish Republican News · May 21, 2004
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IRISH REPUBLICAN NEWS: Loyalist threats against Sinn Féin men
Loyalist threats against Sinn Féin men

Sinn Féin last night said a further three members of its party had received threats from loyalist paramilitaries.

East Derry assembly member Francie Brolly said he was “greatly concerned” after PSNI police visited three members in Kilrea, County Derry.

Mr Brolly said the trio had been “advised to increase their security in light of a specific threat to them”.

North Antrim assembly member Philip McGuigan was visited at his home by police earlier this week and informed of a ‘Loyalist Action Force’ threat against him.

The Ballymena home of a Sinn Féin member was also the target of a pipe bomb attack on Monday.

“It is very clear that there is a real threat now being posed to Sinn Féin members across the six counties,” Mr Brolly said.

He said those behind the threats had an “agenda to disrupt the election campaign and attempt to prevent Sinn Féin representatives from providing a service for our constituents”.

Meanwhie, the unionist paramilitary LVF has been accused of targeting senior figures within the rival paramilitary UVF and its associated political party.

An LVF-UVF feud has been predicted by some following the murder of LVF man Brian Stewart in east Belfast on Tuesday morning. Efforts are being made to mediate between the two paramilitary groups, according to reports.

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