Irish Republican News · February 6, 2004
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IRISH REPUBLICAN NEWS: No more warnings - Real IRA
No more warnings - Real IRA

The breakaway `Real IRA' has issued a `no more warnings' message to anyone who enters or supplies British army bases in Ireland.

Claiming responsibility for the booby-trap bomb discovered at residential accommodation affiliated to Ballykelly's Shackleton Barracks on Wednesday, the dissident group pledged to continue its campaign.

In a statement issued to a Derry newsroom, the group vowed to mount further future attacks ``at a time of our own choosing''.

The organisation also said that ``only good fortune'' led to the discovery of the bomb, contained in a lunchbox and attached to a wheelie bin.

Police say the device was aimed to kill or maim anyone who moved the bin including soldiers, woman, children and civilian refuse collectors.

A police spokesman last night said officers were taking the Real IRA threat seriously.

In its admission of responsibility, the Real IRA said ``armed volunteers'' had cut through two fences at the base before placing the device.

``We take this opportunity to warn anybody entering or supplying these bases that they do so at their own risk,'' it said.

``There will be no further warn-ings. We will strike at a time of our own choosing.''

An investigation into the security breach has already started.

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