Irish Republican News · January 23, 2004
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IRISH REPUBLICAN NEWS: UDA warns against Catholic population growth
UDA warns against Catholic population growth

A statement by the Ulster Political Research Group in north Antrim has warned Protestants to be on the alert over the growth in the Catholic population.

The UPRG, which represents the unionist paramilitary UDA, called on Protestants to boycott Catholic-owned pubs and shops.

``For too long Protestant people have ignored what is happening in Ulster,'' the statement reads.

``They have slowly been ethnically cleansed in the city side of Londonderry; the same has taken place in border areas and republicans seek to do the same in other areas.

``So the next time you shop or drink think who you are supporting, because more than six thousand people voted for a party linked to people who have bombed, shot, killed and maimed people.''

Incredibly, the statement also congratulated the DUP on their recent election success.

Sinn Féin assembly member for north Antrim Philip McGuigan described the statement as ``shocking''.

``In recent weeks we have seen a rise in racially motivated attacks with loyalists denying any involvement, yet here we have a statement from the UPRG calling on people not to do business on properties owned by Catholics.

``This is clearly sectarian and racially motivated and is an attempt on the part of the UDA `not to have a Fenian about the place'.

``This is symptomatic of the type of politics pursued by unionists in north Antrim.''

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