Irish Republican News · December 15, 2003
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IRISH REPUBLICAN NEWS: Spy sent secrets to Queen
Spy sent secrets to Queen

A former British Army agent has been threatened with jail after writing two letters to Buckingham Palace about collusion between unionist paramilitaries and British forces in Ireland.

The man, known as `Sam Rosenfeld', describe the his experiences of working for British intelligence in Fermanagh and Tyrone. Now based in London, he is suing two of his former military handlers.

The ex-agent says he spied on the IRA and republican dissidents for the notorious Force Research Unit (FRU), before being ``abandoned'' by his handlers.

The British Army's FRU has been blamed for orchestrating scores of murders in the North of Ireland as part of Britain's `Dirty War' against the IRA.

He twice wrote to the Queen to highlight his case -- but was threatened with prosecution by the Ministry of Defence if he continued because of the perceived threat to British state secrecy.

He said ``I wrote to the Queen, because she is the head of state, the upholder of our constitution.

``I wanted to tell her that armed forces, in Northern Ireland, were allowing murders to take place, letting their agents kill with impunity.

``The latest threats, to have me jailed, are because of my letters to the Queen, exposing collusion between terrorists and the security forces.''

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