Irish Republican News · November 24, 2003
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IRISH REPUBLICAN NEWS: Dissident republicans mount attacks
Dissident republicans mount attacks

A bomb exploded at a British Army base in the North of Ireland late on Monday night after PSNI police had moved into the area to carry out searches. There had been a number of telephone warnings from the dissident Continuity IRA that a device had been planted.

Up to 60lbs of home-made explosives partially detonated at the perimeter fence of the barracks on the Killymeal Road in Dungannon.

The bomb exploded as one PSNI member was checking around the perimeter fence, but there were no injuries.

Bomb disposal experts were sent in and a nearby leisure centre evacuated. The remainder of the bomb was made safe early on Tuesday.

Dissident republicans were also thought to have been responsible for a gun attack on a police station in Armagh on Monday night.

A burst of several shots was fired at the police station on the Newry Road in the city.

The shots are believed to have come from a car speeding past the base. No-one was injured in the attack, which was attributed to the dissident `Real IRA'.

Both `Real IRA' and Continuity IRA sources last night said the attacks were part of their ongoing campaign against British rule and not particularly aimed at the election.

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